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The first goal for all golfers should be a program of physique enhancement where they learn to move their bodies correctly before worrying about the club. This concept is based on a SIMPLE, fundamental truth about all athletics that has evaded many in the golf world:


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We are more than just another gym or  fitness program. We are personal coaches who  work one-on-one preparing and conducting customized, personalized programs for members only. You are not buying a product but rather a systematic approach to improving your golf game. You will become much fitter, will feel better and look better. Our major focus is physique enhancement for golfers which will allow you to hit and hold all the correct positions during the swing. You will hit it longer and straighter while developing a classic modern golf swing. We guarantee it!



We assess all aspects of your golf game shown on the Hexagon of player development and then develop a customized program that will guarantee you a better golf game. We will provide you with a program previously only available to tour professionals.


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What makes my clubs better?
1. Care and attention to detail in the fitting and the assembly process. Each set takes about 8 hours of work with you and assembling the clubs to exacting standards. I assess 21 issues related to your swing and your equipment.
2. I ensure that only the best components are used in your clubs by dealing with the top club designers in the world namely Tom Wishon. Google his name to see what I mean. All clubs come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturers' defects.
3. I am one of, if not, the only person in this area who can produce a club for you where the entire set feels the same and plays the same making your game as consistent as possible for your current level of skill.
How do I do that? All of my clubs are:
1. Single flex shaft stiffness so the kick you feel at impact is always the same. (Frequency matched)
2. Moment of Inertia matched instead of swing weighted which adds further to the feel that all clubs are the same by making the feel of 'heft' or weight all the same.
3. All shafts are 'pured' in my special three step process to make sure that the irregularities that occur in every shaft made  are not going to impact negatively on the squaring of the clubface.
4. Every component is weighed, measured and sorted to combine in the best way possible for your specific swing.
The result for you is the most precise set of clubs made by anyone today. When you stand over your clubs you will be certain that each club is as good as humanly possible and that any error is caused by your swing not the clubs. You will have more on center hits than with any other club.
Many manufacturers custom fit but none of them is as precise as I am. Often when the manufacturers get your order from the fitter, the 'custom clubs' for you are still mass produced which limits how closely they can produce the clubs to the exact specs for your unique swing. True custom clubs require exact fitting and precise assembly of each component of every club. The only place you can get that level of precision is to be one the 150 players on the PGA Tour or at AGILE.
Feel like a pro and come for the best experience of your life. See the difference that technology makes. I use the Trackman ball flight monitor, the most accurate available and a high speed digital camera to assess your swing characteristics that require special modifications to your clubs.
We also use a laser and the Fit2Aim putter system invented by Chris Aoki, 'the putter sensei'. If you think that aiming is important in your putting routine then this putter will impress you. Putter fitting takes about one hour and I charge $75 for the fitting. For the month of May only the charge for our clients is $37.50. Google Chris to learn more about her system.
I am also a certified, experienced teaching professional who can teach you how to use those new clubs with my Body Motion golf system. People who have used this combined system of clubs and lessons have knocked off as many as 15 strokes in one season.
By appointment only:
Call or email for an appointment.

Custom Clubs From AGILE

10 years experience having fitted  over 500 Golfers of all levels

Single frequency matched sets

All shafts pured

Moment of Inertia Matched

All clubs in the set feel the same and play the same making for longer straighter shots.

Experience the most precise golf clubs made today with over 20 variables custom tailored to suit your swing.

Quality products from  Tom Wishon Golf assembled to exacting standards.





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